Meet The Team!

Jo Skinner

Role: Manager/owner
Jo has worked at the nursery for 19 years. She has worked closely with children of all ages and has gained her Foundation Degree in Early Years Care and Education and BA Hons in Education and Training. 
Jo took over as Manager/Owner alongside her business partner Carol Plumpton in 2008. Jo has always been passionate about Fairlands and works closely with all of the team to create a fun, family friendly environment where she aims to provide the best outcomes for your children.

Beth Kelly

Role: Deputy Manager & Baby Department supervisor 
Beth started with us in April 2015 as an apprentice in the baby department. She completed her level 3 in 2016 and is now Deputy Manager of the nursery and Supervisor of our baby department. She is studying for her Early Childhood Foundation Degree. Beth aims to create a home from home environment in the baby department, and has formed trusting relationships with both the children and parents.

Lisa Crook

Role: Lower Nursery Supervisor & SENCO 
Lisa joined Fairlands in February 2015 as our Supervisor in Pre-school. Lisa has a BTEC National Early Years qualification and is working alongside Tash Lowe as SENCO of the nursery.

Lisa became Supervisor in Lower Nursery in September 2017 and aims to provide a warm and nourishing environment where the children can develop securely and grow in independence and self-esteem.

Tash McColl

Role: Pre-School Supervisor
Tash achieved her level 3 in Childcare in 2013 and has been with us since January 2015. Tash became Supervisor in Lower Nursery in September 2016 and in September 2017 became Supervisor of  Pre-school, working with staff, parents and children to create an enriching environment to help the children grow in confidence and prepare them for school.

Tash Lowe

Role: Early years practitioner (Pre-school) and SENCO
Tash started at Fairlands in 2011 and has worked with children of all ages. Tash has her Level 3 in Childcare and Education and was made Supervisor in our baby department in 2014. In April 2016 Tash became our Deputy Manager and SENCO. After having had time off for maternity leave Tash has returned to us as a Nursery Assistant in Pre-school and is also working alongside Lisa Crook as SENCO of the nursery.

Rachel Turner

Role: Early years practitioner (Baby Department)
Rachel has been working in the Baby Department at Fairlands since March 2013. Throughout her time with us Rachel has worked closely with the babies and their parents. Rachel achieved her level 3 in Early Years Care and Education in December 2009 and her Level 4 certificate in Higher Education in December 2012.

Lauren Glover

Role: Nursery Assistant (Lower Nursery) 
Lauren came to us for her work experience in July 2016 and shortly after, joined the team in October 2016. Lauren is an Apprentice and currently working towards her level 3 in childcare. Lauren is now working as a Nursery Assistant in the Lower Nursery alongside Mrs Crook.

Emery Burgin

Role: Nursery Apprentice (Lower Nursery) 
Emery joined our team in September 2017 and is working as an Apprentice in Lower Nursery.

Brydie Cooper

Role: Nursery Apprentice (Baby Department) 
Brydie joined our team in September 2017 and is working as an Apprentice in our Baby Department.

Heather Inguanez

Role: Early years practitioner (Baby Department) 
Heather joined Fairlands in 2012, and has since worked with parents and children throughout the nursery. Heather achieved her Level 4 certificate in Higher Education in 2008. Heather is our Behaviour Management representative and now works alongside Beth, Rachel and Brydie in our Baby Department.

Amy West

Role: Early years practitioner (Pre-School & Lower Nursery) 
Amy came to Fairlands as a pupil and then for work experience in January 2015. Amy joined our staff with a level 2 Induction to Early Years Education and Care in September 2015 and achieved her Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce in April 2017. Amy now works as a Nursery Assistant in our Pre-school and Lower Nursery Departments.